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Attendance Information » Absence and Tardy Codes

Absence and Tardy Codes

 Absence and Tardy Codes  - Elementary Schools Tardy Codes

Code Description Verified or Unverified Excused or Unexcused Does it Count as an Absence?
(Marked by Teacher)
Absence Not Yet Verified
Used by teachers to indicate student was absent, reason TBD.
Unverified Unexcused YES
Unexcused Tardy MORE than 30 Minutes
Parent must check student in at the front office. Parent does not present a valid excuse. Tardy counts towards truancy accumulation.
Unverified or Verified Unexcused NO
Independent Study Contract Completed
Work completed and contract submitted immediately upon return.
Verified  Excused NO, If completed
Independent Study Contract Given
Between 5 and 20 days absent, arranged in advance, Independent Study Contract signed, not yet completed.
Verified  Unexcused  YES
F Field Trip Full Day Verified  Excused NO
Home Instruction
Teacher assigned by administrator to provide instruction in home setting.
Verified  Excused NO
Illness or Full Day Medical Appointment
Verify absence within 24 hours
Verified  Excused YES 
Excused Tardy
When student is tardy for any reason identified in EC 48205(a) for any length as verified by the parent. Parent must sign student in.
Verified  Excused  NO
 In-school Suspension
Assigned for disciplinary reasons, parents are notified. Student responsible for make-up work. 
 Verified  Excused  NO
 Unexcused Check-out MORE than 30 Minutes
Parent checks student out at the front office. If student misses more than 30 minutes before the end of the school day without a valid excuse it counts towards truancy accumulation.
 Verified   Unexcused  NO
Assigned for disciplinary reasons, parent is notified. Make up work at discretion of teacher. 
(Not in Truancy Count)
(Marked by Teacher)
 Tardy LESS than 30 Minutes Not Yet Verified
Used by teachers to indicate student was tardy. Student did not check in at the front office.
 Unverified   Unexcused  NO
 Unexcused Absence
Parent explanation for absence is NOT included in EC 48205. Examples include, but are not limited to: sleeping in, family vacation, Disneyland, birthday parties.
 Verified   Unexcused  YES
 Administrator Approval for Personal Reasons
Based on 48260(c), “discretion of school administrators & facts of pupil’s circumstances” such as, but not limited to court appearance, funeral, religious holiday or ceremony. Request must be in writing.
 Verified   Excused  YES
 Excused Absence
All reasons identified in EC 48205(a) (except illness, medical, admin approval) 
 Verified   Excused  YES
 Unexcused Tardy LESS than 30 Minutes
Parent signs student in at the front office and reason for tardy is not excused by EC 48205(a).
 Verified   Unexcused  NO
 State Emergency
Only used at the direction of an administrator with state authorization. 
 Verified   Excused  NO